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    E-Cat Guide

Tech Tips  Regarding C.I. eCat®

We at Compressor International try hard to make this catalog as convenient as possible  to use for our loyal customers. The first intention was to having the essential A/C parts in the same page, and the second as you demanded big time was to include the illustration without losing the application page. Well, we did it for you. As you navigate more with C.I. e-Cat®, you will find this software very versatile to use than any other conventional a/c catalog in the market. 

How To Use E-Cat :

1) Using our E-cat can be the most simple and fast way to find your A/C parts.

2) First, go ahead and click on the Application on top of the page.

3) After, select the model of the vehicle.

4) Click on the year of the vehicle.

5) You will see that all the models of the vehicle will be listed in alphabetical order.

6) After you find your model make sure you know the exact engine size of the vichele.

7) You will see our part numbers, go ahead and drag your mouse on the part number and a picture will automatically pop up.

8) You can do this also for Drier's and Expansion Values.

9) This allows you to match up the parts yourself and makes it more faster for us to assist you and garantee a perfect fit.  




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