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COMPRESSOR INTERNATIONAL will warrant to its consumers for resale all products manufactured and/or supplied by Compressor International to be free from defects in workmanship or materials for a period of 1(one) year from the date of original invoice from Compressor International. This warranty is subject to the following conditions and exclusions: 

  • Returning the merchandise to Compressor International, freight prepaid, upon a written authorization form (RMA) from Compressor International in the original shipping carton, with a copy of the original invoice.

  • No refund after installation.

  • After visual inspection of the alleged defect, if the compressor is found to have "black" or dirty oil, this means the A/C system is contaminated and was not cleaned or flushed properly. No compressor will be accepted for warranty if the system is dirty or contaminated. Failure to replace drier/accumulator, orifice tube/expansion valve and proper system cleaning (vacuum and flush) also voids the warranty automatically.

  • Upon inspection of the alleged defective compressor, if found to be defective, the parts will be replaced. All replacement parts will be shipped freight collect.

  • Mishandling or improper installation on compressor such as insufficient refrigerant oil, clogged orifice tubes, expansion valves, liquid lines, condenser, as well as malfunctioning electrical parts are specially excluded from coverage under this warranty. Compressors returned as defective due to overheating or head pressure which results in a burnt, or fried clutch will be excluded from warranty. Also no warranty on clutch or clutch parts when purchased separately from compressor.

  • Compressor is covered by limited warranty only R12 or R134a compatible lubricants or additives. Any evidence that incorrect or incompatible chemicals have been used with this product will void the warranty.

  • Beside field coil, there is no warranty on any other electrical components, switch on remanufactured unit is used as plug, replace with new one when necessary.

  • Compressor International liability under this warranty shall be limited to the terms here of. Compressor International assumes no responsibility for the reimbursement of labor, down time, incidental parts, refrigerant or any other item related to the air conditioning system.


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