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 THE COMPLETE JOB  By Paul Weissler      - Back to Index Page

When you’re installing replacement parts from an aftermarket supplier, you are likely to be given a recommended procedure, and if you want warranty coverage, that’s what you have to use.

Sure, obviously required steps (OE or aftermarket supplier) following a catastrophic compressor failure normally include cleaning the refrigeration system and/or replacing parts, deep-vacuuming and an accurate recharge, followed by complete leak detection and any needed repair. However, as part of “Doing the Complete Job,” Four Seasons also has long recommended

 (1) checking coolant temperature and doing any necessary cooling system service;  

(2) checking airflow and servicing the air director system, from deflectors and covers to the fans;

(3) checking clutch operation, including voltage supply.

 The bottom line – from whoever supplies your parts – is the same:
* No Shortcuts * , * No Substitutions *.



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