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The fixed displacement compressors compress refrigerant in accordance with the engine rotation.

Denso provides three types of fixed displacement compressors– swash plate type, scroll type and vane type.

In the swash plate fixed displacement compressor, a swash plate, fixed to the shaft, rotates to reciprocate pistons, and the reciprocating pistons compress refrigerant.



In 1997, Denso introduced a swash plate fixed displacement compressor that applied a newly developed two-layer surface treatment coat to a swash plate, significantly improving the swash plate abrasion resistance while maintaining its sliding capability, resulting in longer life.

In 2003, Denso used new materials for the two-layer surface treatment coat of
the swash plate, further improving its abrasion resistance even with a small
amount of lubricant.

Benefits and Features

High durability

The two-layer surface treatment coat for the swash plate gives the compressor high durability.

Small size and light weight

Gaskets and M6 bolts are used to hermetically seal the compressor,
reducing the compressor diameter.

Low noise, vibration and high compressor efficiency

A unique structure to tightly fix the swash plate to the housing, reducing
the noise and vibration caused by the swash plate rotation, while allowing the swash plate to smoothly and stably rotate. The smooth, stable rotation of the swash plate results in high compressor efficiency.



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