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 FLUSHING WITH REFRIGERANT   By Paul Weissler  - Back to Index Page

Using liquid refrigerant to flush the system, and finishing up with an in-liquid-line filter, is a General Motors- recommended alternative to the terpene and petrochemical solvents. It does a good job of removing oil and minor debris (such as desiccant particles), but is time consuming. Further, recovering liquid refrigerant that fills the system is not some quick operation, and it requires a recovery machine designed for refrigerant flushing, including a special port. GM requires its dealers to get permission to perform it under warranty.

Substantially too much oil in the system, however, is not something you can ignore. If you want to refrigerant- flush, be aware of the full GM procedure, which is described later in this report (see REPEAT DENSO FAILURES ON CHEVY TAHOE/GMC YUKON AND SUBURBAN WITH REAR AIR) and GM bulletin No. 01-01- 38-006-D, issued 9/14/04).


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