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“I replaced every single part in this system, and the new compressor failed,” (or) “It still won’t cool.” Many technicians can say, with real conviction, that they’ve replaced everything, or did everything “by the book.”

Sure, a problem may recur because one of the replaced parts was defective or the wrong part. The wrong part could be a cheap compressor, but we often find parts that bolt up in place of others, but are functionally different.

Example: following a front-end collision, a 2005 condenser was installed on a 2006 Chevy Impala 5.3-liter V-8 (“looked the same” and bolted up). Blame the body shop because (hopefully) no A/C pro should miss the fact that the 2005 Impalas have a separate receiver-dryer, and 2006 models have the condenser with integrated receiver (“modulator” with desiccant bag built in). Side item: the Impala (a transverse front-drive car these days) didn’t get the V-8 until 2006; only V-6s were used.

However, no one replaces EVERY single part on the A/C, no matter how catastrophic the compressor failure. And the parts replaced often aren’t the repeat-failure root cause. There’s something else the technician didn’t replace or do, or repair properly. Or he did something that’s worked before on other systems, but doesn’t work this time, and he’s surprised, or in denial—“nah, it wasn’t THAT. I’ve never had a problem with THAT before. THAT’S great stuff.



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